About us 關於我們

WingPro Technology Limited was established in 2017 with the goal of providing “high-performance” mobile apps, websites, and POS development for all walks of life. Enable customers to improve work efficiency and increase income.


WingPro Technology Limited於2017年成立,目標為各行各業提供「高效能」 手機程式 ,網站 ,POS工具開發。令客戶提高工作效率,提升收入。

Our Philosophy 我們的理念

WINGPRO’s Philosophy – Goal-oriented

Improve the smoothness of App and website operation to the best effect. Some people want to use a smooth system.

We understand that customers may not be familiar with the calculation of the program. When the customer asks us “hope to achieve a certain result”, we will further understand the goal that the customer wants to achieve. After a clear understanding, we will provide the customer with suggestions. The customer is unanimously praised .

Isn’t your goal our goal?


WINGPRO的理念 – 目標為本





Our Works 我們的工作

More than 100 customers from all walks of life use the technology solutions we provide, and more than 80 mobile apps are available on the App Store and Google Play. Customers are very satisfied with the functionality, stability and support services of the company’s solutions.

有超過100個各行各業客戶使用我們提供的科技方案,並超過80個手機Apps在App Store及Google Play上架,客戶對本公司提供的方案在功能上,穩定性及支援服務都非常滿意。

2017 - WingPro was established

We started from Hong Kong to provide high-quality IT solutions


2018 - WingApp System created

WingApp system supports iOS and Android

WingApp系統 支援 iOS 及 Android

2019 - WingApp system Wesbite

WingApp system starts to support Website

WingApp系統 開始支援網站

2019 - Chinese Medicine System created

Provide Chinese medicine system for doctor


2020 - Press Interview

Interviewed by HKET to explain digital transformation


2021 - HKMOS Awards

Award for the best business solution service


2021 - 100+ Csutomers

Provided services to more than 100 customers


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